a little piece of me
2002-04-30 21:32:31 (UTC)

ho hum day

this morning we took our final bird identification quiz.
got an 18/18, plus the bonus question :D not too shabby. i
even identified 2/3 of the birds that we could answer as a
class. the rest of the class didn't know them, so they let
me go ahead and answer. someone else called the third
before i saw it. i'm surprised i had the guts to open my

amy and i finished our balloons today, and then decided it
just wasn't enough. we are now making a huge balloon, so
we'll have 4 altogether. the center one is silver, then
fuscia, then blue, and the outside will be clear. it
actually looks pretty cool. the 3 inner ones are
completely done, and we cut out the parts for the 4th. we
should have it completely finished by tuesday, for sure.
thursday we're having a barbeque. sunkoo is making korean
bbq for the class. we have to go, which sucks, but it
should be fun i guess. jillian and amy will be there, so
at least i'll have someone to hang out with. i have to
make my table by next tuesday, so i think i'll have my dad
help me with it this weekend. my tiles all turned out ok.

tomorrow is our final critique in metals. hopefully we'll
get our rings back. i'd like to try to fix mine before the
weekend so i can take it home. prolly won't happen
though. oh well.

i miss turtle really bad. talked to him yesterday. he had
been really sick, so i convinced him to go to the doc.
found out he had strep throat and possibly kidney stones.
poor guy! that means i'll have to put my visit off with
him for a few extra days. he won't be able to ride back
with me cause he's in so much pain. that just means that
i'll go to new orleans, find an apartment, come back, go
see him, then bring him back with me. we'll move down from
there. mom told my dad that he's just coming along to help
me move hehe. after turtle and i get settled in, i can
tell him we're living together. i checked into a u-haul,
and it would cost me almost 800$ to rent one for the trip.
if my dad does it, it won't cost me anything. so, i have
to keep it hush hush until then. pretty shitty, but i'm
poor! just got the estimate back from my car, and it's
almost 300$. that and spring break really set me back. i
had quite a bit saved up, but now most of it's gone. i
still have enough to get started, but turtle and i will
have to get jobs right away. not fun, but that's how life
goes. at least we'll finally be together all the time.
none of this long distance bullshit. damn, i love that

alright, well i'm going to do a little packing, so i'm outa