2002-04-30 19:22:04 (UTC)

Final days

It is almost the end of my first year in college. Wow! I
can't believe I just said that. Yet it seems like nothing
now. It seems to just be another experience. Strange. Over
the past year I have made all kinds of relationships with
lots and lots of people. I have learned so much it is
insane. My musical abilities have strengthened to a point
where I feel that I may actually have a future no only in
business, but possibly in performance. These past two weeks
have been beyond stressful for me. I slept for 2 hours last
night. And I probably won't be getting much sleep tonight
either. I miss Lauren. Yet I don't want to leave my friends
behind. Life is so confusing. All this sorority stuff and
class work. On top of that there is Spring Fling. And
naturally added to it all is the most annoying yet
sooooooooo important topic of them all.......... boys! They
are coming out of everywhere. Suddenly, guys want to hang
out with me and are complimenting me. And I like that. I
appreciate that, but it is so confusing. ok...... back to