Jena's Rants
2001-06-01 12:57:20 (UTC)

Me no find switch to turn brain on...............................

I am so tired. Having the munchies at 1:30 in the morning
when you are determined to get up at 6am is not good. I
can blame all of this on Hopinononefoot too, he came along
with Mr. Fake and Flashy cause I have No Self-Esteem and
then we went to Mr. Rampant Philosophies' house and met up
with Boy Who Works In Ghetto Store and his brother Mr.
Police Brutality. We then commenced with getting our smoke
on. Geez, I am such a one hit wonder with that stuff, I
was mad wrecked. After all of that b.s. I started getting
sleepy and when I finally got home, when by the way I
should have been sleeping - I began eating salad with
croutons and I also ate something else but I can't remember
what it was. I think it was like a bread type deal, I
dunno - anywho. So I got like no sleep, AGAIN.......and I
flooded my brain with some type of creepy ghost shit
IdiotBox docu stuff when I was high and had the munchies,
which didn't really aid me in my pursuit to SLEEP when I
finally did decide to lay down. I so felt like the dude
from A ClockWork Orange, when he is like your badass
fearless leader and by the end he is licking that dude's
shoe b/c he has fear and sickness b/c they brainwashed his
ass. Well that fucking show sure as shit brainwashed my
ass into thinking mad freaky shit was going on in my
bedroom and throughout the rest of the house. I had my
head completely covered and I felt like a fucking two year
old. Geez I must be tired, b/c otherwise I definitely
would not be making this public knowledge. I can almost
guarantee I will be trying to edit this shit later while
falling asleep at my desk. Oh by the way - got a surprise
email ( a blast from the Past) from my good buddy who I
will call Cash Money 'cause he thinks it is so important!
Anywho he busted his shit on his goddamn crotch rocket.
Kidz, take it from me and Cash Money, those damn rice
burners are nothing but Trubba, really. I had a friend who
was a volunteer fire fighter and some dude got in an
accident while being chased by the cops on one of those
speed demon bikes and he landed on his face. When they
picked up the body his face stuck to the ground and pulled
everything off. EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, don't do
that, okay?? King Herbage seems to be doing okay, he has
been quite the Ladies Man lately, which can never be a bad
thing. Actually I take that back, if your ho's and
beyatches find out about each other, then yes - being a
Ladies' Man can be a bad thing rather than a good thing.
So, I am going to go and attempt to do something
productive - Hah! Yeah right. Whatever.