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2002-04-30 18:14:25 (UTC)

to be nice or to be not nice

is it worth losing a job jusst for the thrill of telling
someone off...apparently it was for me...hope that doesnt
go on my permanent record...since i havent slept that much
the last few days for what reason mmm i have no idea..must
be the change in altitude or jet lag..why is it that just
when u think no one understands u and so u try to make
them but then u realize your real compadres already do and
u dont have to explain shit.....hey elena i hear u when
the birds sing..too bad they don't drown the annoying
fucking sirens..i want to learn how to fly or maybe i
already knowi just forgot...what if there was like this
wedding and it turned into a really really cool ass people just fuckin shit up..just a thought..i
was married once...then i was abducted by ugly people with
bad hair..not cool...does lamen mean tongue??i hope so if
not it should...will i ever get a job..why am i so
unmotivated like something else is much much much more
important...y can i read journal entries by people i have
no idea who they are but yet somehow feel like they know
me...y am i happier than i have been in days weeks months
just be simple words on a is it that when u love
someone they could ssay fuck u u fucking asshole loser person but
still mean i love u and would sacfice my everything just to be with
u again. i guess im sort of afflicted by these entries i read where
this guy was telling this girl off and said some really reallyy mean
stuff but in the next one he was like saying how much he loved
her... i guess when u find ttrue love you can say pretty much
anything and they wont care...i think ive alreay tested this
idea...did u know if u take the name derricck and get rid of hte e
and the r u have small dick..i dont want to go get naked for drunk
men with
what must i do to prove my undying devotion to my inner posse.....
the saga continues.....

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