Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-04-30 18:09:55 (UTC)

My back hurts SOOO bad!

Well, I went to a chiropracter last night and he re-
aligned my back. He told me that I had a disc that popped
out of place and was being grinded on by my other discs
every time I moved. That would explain the excruciating
pain as well as my immobility. He said by about 5:00 today,
I should be feeling better. I hope so!!! I almost didn't
come into work yesterday, and I did end up leaving early.
It was just too much to take.
Some idiot left me a feedback message about my diary
that simply said 'stupid pothead!' Now, I'd like to ask
anyone else who may be reading and agrees with him to let
me know, because I believe that I am actually a very
intelligent person who just happens to enjoy partaking in
the occasional bong session. I enjoy intelligent
conversation, I write as well as perform music and poetry,
I have two jobs, and I am starting school again in a few
weeks, where I will be on my way to becoming an Engilsh
teacher. That is why this statement bothers me. I'll wager
that this person is the kind of judgemental pre-pubescent
prick that spells the conjunction of you & are as YOUR
rather than YOU'RE. I hate that. But it's okay, because
someday I will be flunking this obnoxious dick's airheaded
teenage offspring. I would also like to add that I can't
stand little rich kids who get their daddies to pay their
way through some ab-fab university, never work until mommy
gets them a job at 23, and then proceed to look down on
those of us who work 2 jobs, live on our own, and struggle
to pay for the local community college, because we don't
have enough 'ambition'. Fuck that. Show some respect.
I should probably get back to work now. I have a lot
of reports to do and even more coffee to drink...