2001-06-01 11:32:40 (UTC)

sometimes the best thing to do is just write it down

i like my music loud. i like jumping. i like losing my
train of reason in moments of pure energy. i like the
anticipation b4 a burst. i like the moment between burst
and my internal reaction to burst. i know salvation is

the moments when i am not myself... when my only identity
is that of a listener, filter and instinctual entity.

identity is so important to ponder tho: what do these
traits reveal about me?

i think i fear myself, my identity.

ignorance is bliss is Safe is internally destructive.

i want to rise up and SHOUT. this is who i am.

"There's a right to obey and a right to kill.":

---------the motif of drawing the line where external ------
---------influence breaches my human right to dignity ------
---------and self-respect.----------------------------------

i need to do this more often. i need not to 'walk in

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