Sporty Tomboy

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2002-04-30 16:55:40 (UTC)

Teddy bears are cute

Don't you agree?? yes i know..

Gym was fun today we got to run yay we going to do the mile
soon im excited! :-/ yeah thats right you heard me!!!!!

I am having way too much fun with the enter key today
see?????? i have a need to press enter after every 2

Okay, thats wrong im so bored i have nothing to do in my
computer applications class so im sitting here and talking
to you beautiful people (YES VERY BEAUTIFUL, THATS RIGHT!)

I am a crazy insane lunatic chica. thats my new phrase to
say cuz its fun to tell people that.

Okay well lets see i went to haunted houses in canada this
weekend and wasnt scared, DAMMIT SEAN I WAS NOT! yeah,
whatever i guess i do have a feminine side. just dont tell
anybody. whoever you are... or i will beat your face in
with a sledgehammer, hahah. im evil *grimaces* i just felt
like making that face cuz you know what? i can. and well i
love cemetaries and walking around in them.. especially at
night or driving through and the headlights shine off the
tombstones looking like eyes, its just so much fun!! my
brother and his wife took me to a cemetary at syracuse
university *they giving me a tour, that skool kicks ass*
and there was this lion gravestone that was so awesome, the
eyes fill up with rain when its storming and theyll slowly
drip out so it looks like its crying, it was so awesome.
also we had a discussion about how dead people take up so
much space, have you noticed that? so we said cremation is
a good thing. but cemetaries are pretty and fun to be in at
night oh yes. *thinks to herself, I NEED TO STOP SAYING
THAT!!!* well they took me to the dome too ::loves
basketball:: and i jumped up and down in the rafters and it
was soooo awesome cuz it made a sound like the one in star
wars thats what tara said but i could never watch the first
20 minutes of that movie without falling asleep, but it
still sounded awesome i love dan and tara! they rock my
socks *in the words of jorge* they also did show me the
college yes and it was sooo awesome i love that place and
there were these frat boys blasting their stereo on the
porch with some bright yellow flowery couch.. that was just
weird. but i liked the music *my brother didnt* hey i like
rap just cuz i can hooch to it, its a GREAT way to be. and
christina played me a song by D12 called dirty mind and
that song is so fun cuz it has my line in it, i just wanna
get freaky baby. thats my new motto. so dont you forget it.
well me and general decided it would be fun to visit alyssa
at work and she was there, and we came with this huge black
gorilla with a rainbow scarf tied around it and we said
alyssa LOOK its the flamer, patch adams. lol i hate sappy
movies, had to make fun of it. she was laughing when we
walked in im sure she wasnt surprised at seeing us
embarrass ourselves in public places again, oh wait... we
never get embarrassed. i cant remember the last time i have
blushed :-/ well i had on my booty police hat i love that
thing and i was carrying my TEDDY BEAR (hence the name of
this diary entry... pointless, i know but who the hell
cares, this is MY PLACE OF WRITAGE) and well i knighted
christina the queen of burger king she has a crown now.
shes so special! then we put our gorilla in a baby chair
and fed it fries... this little girl looked jealous of our
baby!!! i had fun talking about sex maybe a little too loud
cuz there were people there who probably didnt appreciate
it, but thats what i love to do best, piss people off :-D
*evil laugh* well i ate a lot and i was stuffed, and
general makes me laugh my ass off. she was going through
the bible the jehovahs witnessgave us *then we stalked him*
HAHA robert fulton!!! we have your number and address ;)
well then she said ANYTHING ABOUT SEX IN HERE?!!?! and then
im like OMG GENERAL *laughing* and she goes sorry...
"intercourse" that was so cute. lol and she is just so
funny and we hooched, which kicks ass... its what i do best

well i love you all my people rock!!! *huggs*

***libbalicious licky libby is goneeeeeeeee