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2001-06-01 10:37:38 (UTC)

day by day

day late busy day yesterday,Talked with hubby and after
2weeks finally heard emotion and pain in his voice,he is
hurting and he is confused.He doesn't feellike he use to,he
is going to find his answer at the cemetary to speak with
his parents.God how i pray that he finds himself.We all
miss him here and love him.Went to my support group meeting
and it was interesting,peaceful to the soul.Actually people
going through worse than I.My state can turn to terrable or
may get better,I keep praying daily and will continue no
matter what the outcome.Faith is a big part of life,I am
still worried deep down because I know how confused hubby
is and if he doesn't find what he use to feel god knows
what will become of him.My oldest is taking this hard,the
youngest 2 are mising daddy terrably,the 18 yr old misses
him and my life has been destroyed with out him.He is my
soulmate and to be with out him is so so painful.I have no
anger because he truely is lost,he has to find himself,dig
deep to get those feelings back out where he was a happy
I have been saying the rosary since the priest at the
chapel at the hosp.handed it to me,I will say it 2 times a
day,once for me and one time a day for him,so god can help
him find his happness and for me to keep the faith and
strenght i need to go on.
Have to work and will write tonight.