2001-06-01 10:07:12 (UTC)

a mood is complex; contributing factors are not so obvious.

eye am i. am i? eye am.

all my teeth pulse. my eyes. comfortable, i sink (back)
into the background noise of thoughts, the comfortable
numb, the thought of sound & touch of sights.

I reread books. ALways the simple ones bursting with
hidden meaning, the absurd, ironic, bizarre. they can't
start a Conversation but consume your Thoughts for weeks.
Even as a kid.

The thoughtful, silent companionship of a "past."
conversations about the past and for the future. those
lasting evenings perpetuated by Darkness whose meaning
escapes you until the moment they slip away.

I remember........ remember ----------- when you fell.
embarassing, i think it was the rug. it wasn't wall-to-
wall so it was easy to trip on. an honest mistake.

It was a brown, multi-colored rug. We always used to
pretend to ignore that kind of thing. like the vocal
therapy; we just went outside and road bikes. it was one
of those nights. the Stars were out and we were two
Brothers with a lot on our minds.

Setting Free The Bears:
the 'T' is CAPS on the book cover.

it's light outside again.
it's light outside again.
it's light outside.