Catrina Can't Figure It Out
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2001-06-01 08:46:52 (UTC)

cute guy in class

so there is this cute guy in my summer school classes. i
know he went to my high school, at least i think he did.
but i dont know him. he is in both of my classes. economics
and intro to comparative politics, fun huh? but he acts
like i dont exist. i dont know why!! being the outgoing one
that i am, i tried to talk to him but he wasnt very
receptive. so i wont try again. maybe he is just shy. or
maybe he is intimidated by my brilliant mind and gorgous
face...hehehehee....right! anyways, im not really
interested. guys just make me sad and confused and stressed
out. hope for the best, but expect the worst. and guys have
usually met my expectations. i expect little, and usually
they pull through. its not that i have low standards, my
standards are actually pretty high, i just hate being
disappointed. it is the worst feeling in the world. i am
such an optimist that i get my hopes up always to be
shattered. anyways, i am so tired. i smoked with my sis and
her bf and then went and saw shreck again. it was so funny.
even funnier the second time. loved it! "THAT'LL DO DONKEY!
THAT'LL DO!" go see the movie! anyways, goodnight sweet
world. goodnight ryan. i cant wait to see you in my dreams
again. i love you. i miss you.

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