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2001-06-01 08:20:55 (UTC)

i am so goth i make Happy Meals cry

well the notification thing was "nagging" me, so here i
am. not much 2 say, as usual. marv kinda had a day off
(he had to go in for a few hours fer some kinda training
thing) but he was sick or sth, so i spent the whole day
alone n e wayz.
our baby mice are... crazy. they're so hyper. they
squeeze out the bars of their cage and run around the apt,
and i give myself a heart attack each and every time i have
to chase them around and catch them. so i finally picked
them all up, along w/ their mother, and put them in this
giant cardboard box with food and a little house and
stuff. yeah... nice living conditions. =P as if living in
a cage isnt bad enuff... no wonder they're alwayz trying 2
escape. there's one baby mouse tho, who's still in the
cage with his (her? havent checked yet) father. we left
him in there cuz once he ran out and it took forEVER to get
him back in. we got all this grey hair chasing him around
and lookin fer him and junk, and eventually he just walked
back 2 the cage and squeezed rite bak in. now he comes and
goes as he pleases. *shrugs* it does kinda worry me, but
judging by wats happened so far, it should b ok 2 think
he'll come back eventually (like when he gets hungry, i
guess). 2morrow i think we're off to buy an aquarium or
sth fer them. once they're big enuff we'll seperate them
and put them in the two cages.
wow. i just wrote a super-long paragraph on my pet mice.
that is a surefire indication that i definitely need a
life. the other day i was up till like, 5am just chatting
w/ one o' the girls from an egroups list. apparently we're
both so net addicted, we stay online just working on
webpages or posting on the lists until the sun comes up.
and i thought i was the only one... well, its nice knowing
that im not.
n e wayz, i guess that's my update fer now. mayB i should
try 2 write in this thing more often, so it doesnt hafta
keep reminding me all the time. yeah, i kno i can turn it
off but hey, if no one pushes me, im gonna stay rite where
i am.

peace, love, and nonconformity.


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