2002-04-30 13:12:52 (UTC)

Gardening Time

I was up at 3:30 a.m. this morning. Of course, I fell asleep
at 6:30 p.m. last night so I did get a full night's sleep!

I watch very little television (no surprise, if I'm going to
go to sleep that early, right?) but tonight I want to watch
Gilda (there's an hour of her followed by a movie--I heard
the movie is a bomb) and then the first part of Frontier

I asked John to tape both shows and he did but I eneded up
staying until 11 p.m. anyway. I love Gilda Radner. John
says I'm a lot like her sometimes and I take that as
compliment. I remembered Roseanna Roseannadanna's line
"It's always somethin'!" but I'd forgotten "I thought I
was gonna DIE!"

Half of the first Frontier show was an introduction on how
the families were prepared. I became really tired of the
whining about not being able to wear make-up. One of the
adult women was in tears. Sheesh! Give me a break! Who
the heck is going to see you out on the frontier? Who
cares? Didn't they realize it was only fallen women and
those in the theatre (one step up from fallen women) who wore
make-up in those days? Didn't they have other things to
worry about? And one of the teenage girls was going to
sneak in her hair dryer?! I was surprise that they hadn't
realized that 100 years ago it was work from sun up to sun
down. I guess they must have had some romantic notions. I
did see some lovely quilts, though, including a scrap log

This morning, before dawn (doesn't that sound virtuous?), I
did laundry, baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies
and made lunches for Gavin and Hugh.

John's put up the shelves in the greenhouse this morning. I
bought some tomatoes, peppers and herbs already started on
Saturday and they're sitting on the picnic table out on the
patio. I've planted cucumbers, little onions, lettuce and
various kinds of flowers in pots and flats. Later I went to
Gindhardt's Nursery on Peoria Road and bought flowers
including dahlias and snapdragons, among others, to put in
the pots on the front porch and on the patio. I vacuumed the

Hugh and John had dental check-ups this afternoon. John
needs a crown and Hugh needs to have his wisdom teeth out.
Owen also needs his wisdeom teeth extracted so that'll be
part of *What I Did During My Summer Vacation*. My
appointment's tomorrow. I'll also stop at the doctor's
office so the nurse can do a blood pressure check and find
out if Gavin's caught up on his immunizations. I may also
have to take a run into Corvallis in the afternoon.

Owen sent me an email. It read as follows:

hey mom

next weekend is mom's weekend, and you and a pie are invited
to come on by.


My reply was:
hey Owen

I'll be delighted, I and a pie, to come by. How does
strawberry/rhubarb sound (assuming I can find rhubarb)?

Your Mums

While everyone was gone this afternoon I began working on
one of my jumpers. I have the interfacing and hem to finish
and I also want to add a couple of pockets.

Oh, and another problem with the school. Gavin was told he
was to supposed to serve a one hour detention on Friday
morning because of *truancy*. He gave me the paper Thursday
night; he'd received it third period that day. There were
places for the teacher and the administrator to sign but
both were blank. The supposed truancy occured two weeks
before but we had been given one day's notice. Typical. It
seems in senior project the teacher requires the student to
move an index card with his name on it from one pile to
another to take roll. If the student forgets they are
marked absent. If they remember later in the class and tell
the teacher they are told *too bad; it's too late.* Whoa!
Not acceptable.

The principal told me it was to *teach kids
responsiblity*. The problem is, it's the teacher's not the
student's responsbility to take roll. If the teacher wants
to require students to move a piece of paper from one pile
to another (is that in the curriculum?)then okay. And if
the teacher wants to give a punishment for not following
the rule, then okay. BUT, the punishment has to be
appropriate to the rule broken and a label of truancy and
one hour detention is way out of line. It also goes beyond
the district's written policy regarding truancy. I had a
little chat with the principal Friday morning and Gavin
didn't have to serve the detention but he's supposed to talk
to the principal this morning. I'm not certain why; the
problem isn't with Gavin but with this teacher's roll taking
procedure. I made it very, very clear to the principal that
I expect this to end; students cannot be held truant when
they are actually present but have simply forgotten to move
a card from one pile to another. I'm ready to file a
formal written complaint over this and I think the principal
understands that. I hope he does. I hope it doesn't come
to that. I have better things to do with my time. See
above, for examples.