Evil Elvis
2002-04-30 13:08:11 (UTC)

Rainy days.....

I love the rain, just not when I'm dressed for work :(

The rain is great though, I used to love lying on my bed
listening to it hit the roof. I love the smell of rain too,
it always makes the world smell so fresh.

Had a really horrible dream last night, it really upset me.
Why on earth does our subconcious make these things up,
where does it get the material from??? My brain is out to
get me, I'm sure of it...I'll wake up one day and it'll be
standing over me with an axe or something....maybe.

Still seeing Jackie, still very much in love.....more in
love now than I was last week in fact. She makes me so very
happy. I can't believe how lucky I am to have met her, she
really is just my perfect partner, everything she does
makes me smile so much.

Yes folks, a happy Dave is what we have here....stand back
and take pictures!!