Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-30 11:20:01 (UTC)

A Few Recent Irks.

Some, of course, are more long-term than others.

a) The way that when I want to type 'than', I ALWAYS,
without fail, type 'that' first. It really annoys me,
especially seeing as I don't always pick up on it.

b) The amount of websites that despite having been online
all the time when I didn't need them, disappear the day
before I do. (Most recently

c) Whether or not you can say 'forthcoming Wednesday', of
course it is physically possible, but is it gramatically
inept? How can I find out? (Note to self - be a linguistics
student. Oh....wait a minute).

d) The fact that every time I hear Shakira's song, the
intro is EXACTLY like Govinda by Kula Shaka, and this makes
me think, each time, I have'nt heard it for a good while.

e) No-one believing me when I say X is good, but then
asking me whether I'd heard about it 6 months later. (Badly
Drawn Boy, Javier Saviola, Mali)

f) The fact that Neighbours a) replaced the cute short-
haired receptionist...or at least I've not seen her in
months, and b) Let Flick go so as she could parade around
Europe in just her pants, to the hormone-fuelled delight of
adolescents all over the continent whilst peddling a song
that is, for want of a better phrase, a crock of shite.

g) My chilli peppers. They're a little too hot.

h) The phonetics I have to look over. It was easy, but not
nice to do.

i) Hunger.

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