little sanctuary
2002-04-30 07:22:00 (UTC)

my first

this is my first entry... wells heylo... i just started a new
skool last year and wow what a trip its been... y did my
parents make me do htis.. well they didnt really make
me... but im so not used to this new skool... its so
differnet from my old on... i am adjusting now but i
havent had any of the fun experiences i did last year...
its so disappointing... i thought freshman year would be
fun... i guess not... i miss my old skool... my old
friends... the opportunity there... however i dont wanna
go back.. the good teachers have all left.. the inevitable
when youve got good teachers in a low paying private
skool... and i dont know any of the new girls.. they
seem nice but they arent very friendly to me when i go
visit.. and ive only kept in touch with 2 ppl... and ive
never eally been good friends with either of them... sad
isnt it... its so disappointing... i wish that my new skool
was more me and more welcoming... if only i had
known what i know now about the skool and the ppl
wehn i first got here... i think id be much better off... oh
well.. its a learning experience right??? ive come a
long way from when i first got there... believe me... a
very long way... i went from not knowing anyone and
hiding in my little shell to making sure i talked to one
new person a day... or someone i have really got to
know yet... its making me a happeir person.. yet still i
have not found that one solid group of frinds... i am still
hopping around from clique to clique... some are better
than others... i think ive started to lean to one more...
whats hard aobut my skool though is that its so big so if
you know one person you may not know ANY of thier
friends... so its hard to approach them... specially hard
for a shy girl like me... yet im trying my best... talking to
one new or unfamiliar person a day... i think its
working... i hope its working.. my sister told me that if i
was just friendly i dint have to worry... i could make a lot
of friends.. yet i am not the a lot of friends type... 5-15
are fine.... i guess thats a lot... but thats less then some
ppl... i mean aqquaintances are fine... i can have a lot
of those.. but close friends.. no ... i think it would be a
little too hard to keep track of anyways...