2002-04-30 06:33:45 (UTC)


well everything seems ok now. i don't know what's going on.
today he just went back to acting normal... like nothing
was wrong at all... and still doing stuff that pisses me
off too. I don't know what to do. I'm still kind of worried
but a bit relieved that at least he's not acting strangely
now. i don't know what to do. He does stupid stuff
sometimes and I wonder why I take it from him, but it's not
serious relationship - ending stuff. I know from how upset
I was over the possibility of him breaking up with me that
I like him too much to break up with him over something
dumb... at the same time I'm worried to even say anything
about him pissing me off just in case he actually is
thinking about dumping me and giving him reason to do it
('she's always harassing me' or something). Grrr. I think
even his friends notice when stuff like this happens...
they know he had told me we were spending the day together
tomorrow and so when they heard him tell me he would be
over around supper time cuz he's going to his friend's
first they kinda knew what was going on. I don't care if he
wants to do stuff with his friends. But when he blows off
plans with me to do it, that pisses me off.
i'm sick and i can't breathe out of my nose. this is too
much stress for me for tonight. being stressed and not
being able to breathe are not a great combination. I want
to sleep (it's already one thirty am) but I know I wont be
able to cuz I can't breathe. Yucky. Being sick sucks.
Besides, who gets sick in the Spring anyway? I thought
WINTER was cold and flu season. It's like sunny outside and
we're running around in shorts and I've got a frikkin cold.
Not fair.