ahoy hoy
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2002-04-30 06:00:59 (UTC)

mmmmmm Vodka *_*

All right this is not good, its Monday I went to dinner at
some professor’s house it was ok. Had a glass of wine,
hanged out with my friends for a little while, and then I
went to my room, I was there for like 3 minutes then I went
to alix room got some vodka, I was in her room for like 3
minutes also, had a couple of drinks know I have a good
buzz, and I feel good. Its ok though I have no classes tom
so I can wake up as late as I want and I don’t have
anything due, ever. I have a test on Thursday and that’s
it, am going to study of that tom and on Wednesday. Eww its
my birth day tomorrow, am going to be 20 whoop di do, am
not exited at all, am going to be so happy when I turn 21.
But I don’t know, am not doing anything tomorrow and that’s
kinda sad, but whatever. Hmm …. Am so tired today, I just
went to alix room so I could get a drink. I had a craving
all day, (that sounds bad, but am not an alcoholic I
haven’t had any since like 3 weeks ago I think, so its not
like I drink every weekend not that there is anything wrong
with that, but anyways its like when you get a chocolate
craving but instead of chocolate its alcohol). Hmm I think
am going to stop now cuz am tired and the vodka is kicking
in ^_^ nite nite