Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-04-30 05:49:34 (UTC)


What a weekend.

Half of my friends on campus were gone, off to Comicon in
Pittsburgh, and my weekend had a rocky start. As archivist
of Ginger Hill, it was my duty to mail out contributor
copies of the magazine and thus, I enlisted the help of
Holly Sue in mailing them out. So after classes, we go to
the English dept. and inquire where to find the magazines:
They're still in Bailey Library, where the readings
happened earlier that week. And they've been looking for
someone to bring the boxes over. So I decide, OK, we can do
that. The boxes have 60 copies in them. They're HEAVY! But
we drag them over, nonetheless, and it takes a good couple
of trips, during the last of which we run into my roomie!
So she joins us and we set up shop in the English lounge,
stuffing envelopes. The faculty advisor, Dr. Cain tells us
how she wants the envelopes sealed, we do it, put them
where she wants them and are informed the next step will be
to distribute them across campus. My arms ACHE at this

I return to a humerous message from Jason and me, Holly,
Beth and Pam are about to go to dinner when Holly discovers
her ID is missing. So we scower the quad, Spotts and the
parking lot for it, no luck there. The nice lunch ladies
did allow us to use Holly's SSN the entire weekend so she
could eat. After dinner, Beth packed up some things and
went to her grandparent's house in Ohio to drop them off.
It's almost time to move out! ACK! I DUN WANNA GO!

SERIOUSLY! I hate this dumb semester's course work, but
over summer, how often am I going to see everyone? Michelle
and Glatz and Hack and Alex?? I'm going to go absolutely
out of my mind!! *cries* I'll have Holly and Heather and
Jess... but I want EVERYONE!!!!!! (because I'm a selfish
brat like that). I guess it'll mean numerous ROAD TRIPS!
We'll all like that! We've also got plans to go on a trip
to Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland in July! I've already
begun my process of begging and pleading with Mom and she
seems more receptive to it this time (No James! HA!). But
we'll have to see. Either way, I gotta start saving up the

Jason and the others had a great time at Comicon, with the
exception of getting exceptionally LOST in Pittsburgh. I
fear. Michelle had a depressive episode on the way. I'm
really worried about her... Actually I'm really worried I'm
being an ass, but I'm worried about her mostly. It feels
like her self-loathing is getting the better of her,
sometimes. I'm worried because she hasn't scheduled for
classes yet, but she's gotta or else I dunno how that'll
effect her chances of getting ANY classes she wants. I
really want to room with her and Heather next year... but I
fear I might be being too overbearing right now. She never
called me back today, and she didn't call me when she got
back on Sunday. She means a lot to me, but I guess for now
maybe I ought to just give her some room. She's been
through a lot and I'm happy I went through all of it with
her if it helped. I'm just worried, as usual.

Holly is still having problems with her roommate,
Christina. She's been leaving every time Holly comes into
the room, complains when Holly was trying to comfort
Kristen... They just can't get along! Only a few more days
left though... I went on a walk with her around midnight.
She was feeling better by the end, but I wish things were
easier for her.

We had a lot of fun on Saturday! After scowering the
library for her ID, we decided to poke around the new PT
building and Holly found a skeleton and danced with it. We
then proceeded to investigate Vincent Science Center and
found LOTS of neat things Jason can use in a D&D campaign
and decided, HEY! Instead of finding maps for him, let's
make them! So off full of fun, optimistic thoughts, we went
to the bookstore and bought some graph paper and some
pencils. Yea, after failing to get the exterior of the
University Union onto paper, we decided that wasn't gonna
work. Jason still gets the graph paper, but all we can
contribute to the cause is floor maps of the first 3 floors
of Bailey Library. Sorry, Snaku!

Heather got a date for Prom YAAAAAY! It's Chris Martin, a
friend of ours from Erie whom I'm particularly fond of.
He's a fun guy: very nice, doesn't make me feel stupid,
doesn't like to be undressed (by Jess, Heather and I at any
rate ^_~). I know that they will have a good time and
that's all that's important. I can't wait to see her in her
Prom dress! I've seen it as Jess was making it and I know
Heather is going to look GORGEOUS! ^__^

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