Reality Bites
2002-04-30 04:58:37 (UTC)

Everyone's someone

I'm in a very lost mood so you know upfront. I can't
understand how it is that everyone has someone. I swear to
God, everyone I know is with someone. Even people who I
never imagined finding anyone--like my friend Ryan have
someone. It didn't help that tonite Luke called because I
am sick and I didn't go to school, and he was telling me
about this girl from another school who he's 'together'
with. It just about made my heart sink to my stomache.
Whatever. He actually came out and said 'I'll always love
you more than her, just in a different way'. I was like
Fuck that. He completely led me on and its not fair. I just
can't understand why it is that I can't find anyone. I'm
too picky is what I think it is. All I want is someone who
I can really connect with and have fun with and everyone
seems to be finding that. I dont know what to change, I
dont know what to do, so I'm giving up, on Luke, on
relationships, on everything having to do with love.