Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-04-30 04:55:48 (UTC)

Today was any normal day except..

Today was any normal day except I relised I have a stupid
retarded life. I mean, what can I say, I live in this
stupid place where all my friends dont live. They live in a
stupid town. The guy I love is stupid and doesnt feel the
same because he is stupid. I dont know... ingrate! That is
what everyone is. Well I dont know.. let me rant on you for
a bit. Well now I lost my ranting mood for this. Damn! Well
then I guess this wont be very long besides I have tons of
homework and it is like almost 10! YAY! I have an
incomplete for one of my grades! That deserves true
gratification! (hehe) Naw, just playing... I need to make
up my work from missing a week of school! AH! Never wanna
be sick like that again.

Prom is coming up! Are you ready? I certainly am not. But
who cares. I still have to order this and that gotta get my
dress! SHIT SHIT SHIT! So many things to do so little time.
Well that is in my other town.

here is a side note: My friend said I was torn today. And
some of my other friends from here are worried about me.
They said I spent my whole year here with my life still
back home. They said my body might have been here but my
mind wasnt. ... and my friend Alex said I was torn. And
that I was not being a failure to them, but to myself and
that is what scared me most of all. I never gave myself a
chance to have a normal life here because I was too worried
about my old place. I cant believe I failed myself that
bad. I understand that I did leave most of my life there
but no wonder some people were worried and all that! God I
am so stupid sometimes. Some of them think it is great that
*G* is totally talking to me and all but they said that I
really havent been into guys like that here and they said
it was weird! (hehe) I am weird! But who knows... I missed
a whole year of my life which passed me by! My god what did
I do to myself.

well that is all I have to say now.. thanks for letting me
rant. If you have any comments just write me.