thOughtz of a lOnely heart
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2001-06-01 04:54:23 (UTC)

reflectionz on meEe part 2

fuhk david.. i might have hurt him or whatever but if i
stayed with him.. i would have lied, cheated, and b/s'd
him.. sOo you know.. i did the right thing.. cuz then you
know.. he wont think "why didnt she just leave me instead
of hurt me".... like what probably tek is tinkin.. i dont
know what he's thinkin.. but all i know is, it's hard to
just talk to him or see him and act like we're just
friends.. like life is perfect. it's not.. i'm alone and
feel like shiiet.. i hate it sooo much.. i don't care about
myself anymore.. if i could change the past, well part of
it.. I WOULD!!!.. i'd never would have talked to david
online.. i wouldnt have answered his IM.. or at least just
be nice and not call him.. i should never give anyone my
info anymore.. no1 i dont trust.. i hate this shiiet.. i
got b/s'd on.. i thought it's better to think of others
than yourself sometimes.. i guess i was wrong about this
one.. now my life is upside down and twisted up and fuhkin
fuhked up... [ cont..]