lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-04-30 04:53:27 (UTC)


ok, so back in my bad kid phase (hahahahaha!!--sorry had to
let that out) i was in looooove with the album significant
other by limp bizkit. i sweeear it was rad. it still is
but there's just a FEW bad words on it so boo. whatever.
don't worry, this is going somewhere.

anyway, one song on there i remember was called "trust?"
and it started out like this:

backstabber! two-faced!
low life! it's time to step up to the plate!
1 2 1 2 what the ---- ya gonna do?

you know I see right through you
when you act like you don't know me
you lie, you cheat, you steal, you lose
wouldn't wanna be in your shoes

and DARN IT ALL, that's how i feel! abby & rachel & maybe
marcella got kicked out of school. if anyone decides to
press charges, they're facing a minimum of a year in jail
for grand larceny & forgery. uuuuuuhhhhg not to mention
abby & marcella are soo nice & i've been praying for them &
they were my lab buddies in chem. well so much for that.

and the whole trust thing is this...i had money stolen at
school (only $15, but still) so it pretty much had to have
been stolen by abby or marcella. aaaaahhhhhgggg. this is
so not nice!! this seems to happen a lot...i make friends
with people and they get suspended for stabbing people, go
to jail for grand theft, etc...maybe i should stop making

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