kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2002-04-30 03:31:11 (UTC)

good evening

I'm sitting in class again, big surprise there. Chalmers
is happy that I brought something for mail art today. I
sent something on Friday, but won't get credit for it
since I did not show it to him.

I talked with Dave for a bit this morning. He was on
while I was writing my 4 page paper I had due this
morning. He said I should go half naked. I was going
to tell him that it got hot enough for it, but he was not
online when I got back from class.

I got images started for today. We were supposed to
have 5 for crit today. I have 5, but they aren't very good
yet. I figure it is better to have something to turn in than

I am playing around with putting images together. I
think I am going to borrow either Louie's slide projector
or see if maybe Dave or Grandpa's work.

We are taking a five minute break. I guess we're back

I was reading some girls diary on here and I mentioned
that to Dave. He thought that it was crazy that a person
would have an online diary. I sort of explained why I
have mine without telling him I have one.

He asked me this morning if I had read any more cool
stuff from her diary last night. I did not stay up super
late so I didn;t read a ton more.

class is almost over and I have survived!!! Chalk one
up for the history books...

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