a little piece of me
2002-04-30 03:17:16 (UTC)

no more dairy queen!

ok, so just a little anecdote from oh, less than an hour
ago. to start, jessie was going to help me finish up the
balloon for design, so i picked her up and we finished up
at the art building. i told her i'd take her to dq since
she helped me. she insisted that i didn't need to repay
her in any way for helping. well, we always argue about
money, and we both always lose in some way or other. the
line at dq was about 50 feet long, so we were joking
around...pushing, punching, kicking...usual behavior for
us. she kept trying to give me a couple bucks, since that
was all she had. i refused, we argued. normal. we got
our icecream, then started back to the car. we were
talking about turning gray (we both have a few gray hairs
hehe), and she said she would dye her hair. anyway, we
were going on and on and climbed into the car. i have my
mom's car since mine is having a little trouble and is in
the shop. the light faded out and i mentioned to jessie
that i had never noticed that before. we kept talking, and
i tried to start the car. the key wouldn't go into the
ignition. i was like, um, are we in the right car? she
said yes, and kept talking. i noticed the seats were
different, and i was no! so we both jumped out and ran to
the next car over, which was the right one.

we were laughing so hard about being so dumb, when she
realized she had stuck the money in the console. she
didn't want to go back to the car because she didn't want
someone to see and think she was stealing something. so, i
was the look-out (laughing hysterically...wasn't doing a
good job...couldn't see much through the tears lol). she
crouched down and crept over to the car, grabbed the money,
and hauled ass back into mine. we laughed all the way back
to her place. we were in tears by the time we got there.

when she was getting out, she threw the money in the seat
and headed towards her house. i threw it out the window,
then started to back out...after first rolling up the
window and locking the doors. that gave her time to run
over, pick up the money, and stick it under the wipers.
while she was doing that, i started to back up. she had
set her icecream on the hood of the car, and it started to
fall so i stopped. she tapped on the window and asked me
to pull forward. i asked why. her response, calm as can
be, was 'because you're on my foot'. i busted out laughing
and pulled forward. by the time i could get the door open,
she was laying on the ground laughing her ass off. we
laughed so loud her roommate heard us all the way on the
other side of the house (she was inside, all windows
closed, too lol). we went inside, cause i was about to
piss my pants. jessie had tears streaming down her face
from laughing so much. we laughed for about 10 minutes
straight before we could get enough composure to tell laura
what had happened.

funniest damn 20 minutes of my life!!! i don't think i've
ever laughed so hard or for so long...ever! jessie said
the same. damn, my stomach still hurts from laughing so
much. it was great.

in not so funny news...i took my final in great books
tonight! woohoo!!!! all done!! i have a test tomorrow,
and then one next week, and that's it. this really has
been the easiest semester ever. definitely no complaints.
less than 2 weeks til graduation!

alrighty, i'm tired. laughing wore me out.