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2002-04-30 02:48:37 (UTC)

free at last

im back.
i was so far away. thinking. im so far away from her.
HER!! not him. thinkin, i wish i could call her.
HER! not him. 20someodd hours on the road, saying
virtuallly everything that came to mind. and i said
i feel like i SHOLD feel weird that im so so far away from
him and he doesnt even know. but instead i felt like i
misssed her.
it was a really fucking great trip. im so glad we wnt and
everthing went so well and all. i felt so relaxed and
rested and free... it wasnt until ani played done wrong
that i started crying so hard but i can always blame that
on seeing my favorite chick sing my favorite song live. and
i cried at overlap also which has kinda reminded me of her.
anyway i did lots of shopping and got a Original sin poster
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and Pink posters nand Anipostrs. lots of
clothes. stuf. i'll write more about the trip later im
guna put up some posters and get to bed.

"when i say im through, im through, basically im through
with you, had to have it your way, had to play games.."