The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-04-30 02:41:45 (UTC)

Gargle salt water and drink warm tea....

Well guys, it is offical, I have offically lost my
singing voice. I used to be able to hit a C but now I can
hardly stay in A. That sucks. I can't believe this is
happening to me! I need to go and buy some honey now. Honey
is good for your throat. When you have a sore throat you
should Gargle salt water and drink warm tea, it really does
help. I try to do it before I sing for people. Or I do it
after a long rehursal.

In other news, at my school we are still doing that
stupid testing. I was supposed to go to San Diego tomorrow
morning, but decided against it since testing is more
important, as much as I love singing. I am planning a trip
to Boston in the next couple months. I can't wait. I love
to travel. I collect hotel room keys. I have like 20.

Green Day was in town the other night to do a
concert. I wanted to go but I forgot to get tickets. I'm
not scheduled for anything for a while. I am just going to
sit back and relax. And maybe write Chapter three. lol. I
really should be hit for not doing it sooner. LOL.

Enough of me saying absolutly nothing. I better go, I
have a chapter to write...

::music-"All the way" by Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra::

::mood-pooped out::