2002-04-30 02:36:50 (UTC)

Bridget Brown Eyes

Ive been debating about this since its seems the dawn of my
adolence, BRIDGET CIBULSKIS. Since the first time we went
out shes realy been a part of me, a better part. We all
know how my last attempt to be with her went, well it
majorly went to hell if you didnt hear the news, but now
shes back again, well has been for a while. Weve got this
compeltetion going where were gonna play eachother in
basketball and whoever wins gets to pick their prize, well
I chose that if I win she has to do the two things she will
hate the most, take a picture and say shes pretty and she
wont tell me what shes chosen for her prize, and god knows
im realy intesresd, but shes teases me every day about it
and about us playing. See Bridgets not like most girls,
shes gorgeous but shes shy, shes like in her own little
world 99% of the time which shes seems to love, and some
days shes lets me into see what going on inside her head,
shes never kissed a guy besides me and its like she put
this spell on me since that first kiss of mine cause ive
never wanted to kiss someone more again. The thing is
everytime I see her, I smile, I have fun and I want to talk
to her and be with her, thats why I couldnt have her stay
mad at me for long, cause whenever I see her its always
been that feeling. I dunno , I dont like that shes got this
control over me, but its not her fault I feel this way,
Bridgets just Bridget, and god knows I would be jealous to
no end if she choses someone else but me, but who knows if
this is finlay my time with her or not, but as long as shes
around me those brown eyes are gonna keep me intrigured.

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