to win the game u gotta play
2002-04-30 01:53:36 (UTC)

mi new vida loco

january 27 wuz the end of the perfect weekend with my best
homey Kara . Ne wayz when we took her home her
mother wuz tellin her that she wuz in deep trouble. i went
home and finished un packing all my things cuz we had just
moved to our new house. mi moma wuz cusin and hollerin at
me as usal becuz she dont like me nun but loves juanita &
jose,and mi and mi hermana angelita r the only 1 she dont
like. Then mi tios Jaime pulled up and had Kara with him.
She had wrote a letter about me wanting to screw some guy
and then sighned it at the bottom as me. We had wrote them
a long time ago when we wuz just playin around and they had
found that one. Ne wayz she wuz tryin to get out of trouble
and said i wrote it & i wuz tryin to get out of trouble and
said she wrote it. We both got in trouble. The next day i
woke up and a garbage bag wuz on my bed full of all my
clothes and bandans. mi momma came in and told me too get
dressed and get out. i went to mi papas house but he didnt
want mi either. so now nearly 3 months later im livin with
kara and our friend Jaun tryin to make it on our own. Jaun
is only 18 and it wont pass good with the law that hes
livin with two 8th graders so we have to lie to every 1.
the only problem is that mi and mi hermana belong to 13 and
r alwayz gettin in trouble with the cops. they have a
headquarters right on campus. Ne wayz thats my diary for
the day.