OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-04-30 01:53:04 (UTC)

If you think you know me, read this

Upon living in the same dull sea foam green house in
the same hum-dum town of Farmington for 17 long and quite
similar years, it has occurred to me that there is no way
that I can be who I am, without the wonderful help of my
family friends and peers. I will be the first to admit
that I am easily influenced and the worst fears that lay in
that is one of the same drab of a town I’ve resided in for
the entirety of my life. If that is not worst of all, then
this is. I am, It will be easier if I quote the commercial
right off the bat “Stuck in the middle, Smack dab in the
middle, Squeezed in the middle.” Yes you’ve guessed it, I
am the middle child. Actually, if you want to dig deep
into my family’s secret treasure box, it will be found that
I am the second father of my fathers but the first of my
mothers. That should not have probably been mentioned, but
with the effects it has caused in my life, it is a major
detail only few know of. I also know that the pattern set
by my older half sister has now been passed through me and
now has been completed by my sister. Please do not think
of me as anything after you read this for you know my
attitude and style now, and frankly, that’s all that really
matters. I remember, I must say first that with the
childhood that I’ve lived through, it is very uncommon that
I remember or care to remember anything, the first day of
6th grade. When I was in this level of education, I had
just moved into a new school, on a new bus, and it just so
happened that at this point, my older sister, who from now
on I will refer to her by name, was actually living with us
and actually going to school. Well I was enjoying the fact
that I didn’t have to spend so much time cooped up with my
baby sister, whom by Daddy’s orders, I had to sit with
everyday on the bus. I actually got to spend more time
with my allusive high school sister, or so I thought.
Walking down Vto the bus stop earlier then I ever thought
normal people to function, I trailed behind Stacey looking
at her mini skirt, knee high stockings, and her short bob.
This is only because I failed to see her plunging neckline,
which was later reveled as she turned to take the cigarette
from the extremely hot boy who lived down the road. I also
remember her sitting in the back of the bus with her little
skirts on lying across the seats. At that point when I was
just getting use to even the sight of boys, I would have
never imagined that I would go through that same stage that
she did. Luckily, if that’s what you want to call it, I
went through that stage a lot earlier then she did.
Assuming that Stacey was in 12 grade when she was graced
with my presents, that would make my stage 4 years earlier
then her, meaning 8th grade for myself. The thing that I neglected
to tell was that when I was in 6th grade, I became tremendously good
friends with this boy, upon thinking about this it has now come to my
attention that Stacey could not have been in 12th grade due to the
fact that the person whom I was just speaking about graduated 2 years
ago and was one year behind my sister. So that means that when I was
in 6th grade, Stacey was in couldn’t be 9th because that would mean
her senior year we were in the same school and I don’t, oh wait,
Stacey went to the old high school, I don’t know how that works into
it, but I know that I was never in the same school as her. Well
anyway, the kid that I met we instantly became really good friends.
He had so much influence over my entire personality. He taught me to
be comfortable talking, but to also know what I was talking about. He
took me under his wing and taught me all of the academic things that
I needed to know as well as a number of life lessons that he wished
to spare me the pain of. He was almost like a replacement for my
sister who never really seemed to care about me at all back then. He
was my model, and I even dedicated my book to him. On the passing
subject of book, I am in the process of writing actually a novel and
a book of poems. The writing of which both stopped for a reason
unknown to myself but frequently searched for. This friend of mine,
Brian, was always asking me what to do about girls, and one day he
asked who I thought he should go out with out of these two girls. I
told him to go with the one named Libby for some odd reason that I
still have trouble admitting to. So they started dating, and dating,
and continued dating. They were always together and the bus ride was
the only time we would get to talk, UNTIL, she started living with
him, and would come home with him on the bus everyday. That’s when
the insults started flying. She would always walk by me in the seat
all to myself because I never cared much for anyone on my bus, my
neighbor hood is a topic discussed later, and say ~ Me and Brian are
getting married. ~ That part didn’t bother me that bad, but this is
the part that did, and it’s the reason that I’m in Psychology right
now. I had study hall with Brian, and after study hall he would have
Psych. So at the end of study hall he would always look at me and
tell me that he was going to Psych now to figure out what was wrong
with me. Well this particular day, we were having a materialistic
type of party, (as I sit here and type this, he just signed on the
computer), so we were signing each other’s arms and stuff, and I put
my name on his arm. Well Libby ( I shutter at the name) she didn’t
like the idea that I had any relationship at all with him so she
walked over to me before 1st period one day with him on her arm and
told me to stay away from him, and he just stood there and glared at
me like I wasn’t worth the air I breathed. After that, he graduated
and I had no more contact with him at all until about a few weeks ago
when I told his brother to have him call me so that I could invite
him to my graduation.

An't it Funny

Murda Inc
Ha, ha it must be the eyes
That got me like damn
If they get any fatter
Man the rule
Gonna hafta get at her
And our situation won't matter
I come to make you smile
In the freakiest landers
J to the ELLO
Hello, no I'm not be
Harmin' y'alls wall
I'm the rule in the shot call
Off the wall
Like MJ in his early days
It's the achin' Lopez now

Ain't it funny
It's been awhile since
You came around
Now ya wanna see
What's goin' down
Tryin' to tell me
Why ya want my time
Tryin' to tell me
How I'm on your mind
See it never had
To be this way
You should've never played
The games you played
Now I'm seein' that
You're kinda lame
Knowin how
The situation change

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
Now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

I remember
How you walked away
Even when I tried
To call your name
See at first
I didn't understand
Now you're lookin'
Like a lonely man
I remember how you
Did me wrong
And now you're hurtin'
'Cause my love is gone
Everybody gets
A chance to burn
You can take it
As a lesson learned

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
Now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

C-A double D, Hi
Double dose my
Fly by, red line
Touch the roast side
Oh I, never been
A sucker for chill Ja
Spit the ism, hit em
Get rid of em, and
You know Tae
Get it gully, and
Ain't that funny
How they want me
See me workin' wit money
But Cali ain't a dummy
What these brodies
Want from me?
'Cause all I got is G, J.Lo
And Murda I.N.C.

I really wish
You wouldn't send me gifts
Tryin' to make me
Sit and reminisce
Tryin' to blind me
With your blingin' bling
Thought I told you
Love don't cost a thing
Hope you realise
That now I'm through
And I don't ever wanna
Hear from you
I had enough of
Bein' there for you
Now I'm laughin'
Why you play the fool?

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
Now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me
When you had me
Love is crazy
I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

Baby, is that your girlfriend?
I got my boyfriend

But maybe
We can be friends
La, da, da, da, da, da

Baby, I got my boyfriend
Is that your girlfriend?

But maybe
We can be friends
La, da, da, da, da, da

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