crackheads thoughts
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2002-04-30 01:12:13 (UTC)

what did i do this time???????? NOTHING!!!!

well im back and as always after i get done talkin 2
brandon im heart broken and MAD!!!! but anyway. jamie came
over her 2day and looked at his journal, his and jennys.
that gurl is gonna get hurt if she dont stop givin me all
them mean looks in the hall way.i didnt do nuttin so get
off my back. but there is nothing going on between me and
brandon and i wish that people would get that through there
lil head....(jenny) she has said all kinds of stuff bout me
on her (LIVE JOURNAL) its makin me mad. well im gonna go
now talk 2 ya l8er. and brandons name on msn is is ( ok now
what in the world is that all bout* a confusing person all
up in here*cause she didnt do nuttin) yeah i know its long
but it might just get the point across. but i dont think so
he is pretty LOW

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