a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-04-30 01:05:20 (UTC)

report card/...

parents finally realized after two weeks of me not saying
anyhtign that i shoudl ahve gotten a report card... heh.. i
have had it for that long.. me grades went down a bit from
alst quarter....

english went from a B to a C
histoy from a C to a D
latin from a B- to a D
scicne i did well..B to an A
and art i got an A but well thts art

adn i was absent soemthing like 12 days last quarter.. i
didnt have a note for any of them.. i shoudl have gotten a
administrative failure for all of them.. but meh..school is
quite pointless.. i would have to say i truly ahte it
there.. and i end up dislikeing about 99% of the people i
meet there