my crazy life, check it out...
2001-06-01 02:34:43 (UTC)

I'm back...BEWARE!!

hey there. I feel like it has been ages since I have last
wrote in here! Things are moving very quickly. I have
graduation practice tomorrow! and I graduate in 2 days! and
then I leave for Florda for 2 weeks. How great! Anyways, I
have been working alot so I haven't had time to get on and
seriously write down what I am doing. (which isn't much
anyways!) I am kind of excited for graduation but then
again I am not, I am kinda scared to get into the real
world, when I have been living the life of getting up and
going to school and fooling around, I guess I can't fool
around as much now, haha. But I also don't want to see Tim
go:( he leaves the 19th of June. He says that he doesn't
want to leave knowing he had a girlfriend, I think it is
because he thinks that I am going to find someone in the
meantime. I don't know? he is just worried. I hope the
trip,away from ohio, away from everything,(parents) will do
us some good. I am still gonna miss him to death! I don't
want to think about it now. I have been hanging out with
Darby lately, going shopping and stuff. He is a great
friend. I am glad that we have come to be friends through
so much. well, I haven't much to say. I'll get back to ya
in a while:) bye bye.

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