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2002-04-29 23:49:32 (UTC)

"T-val & Kunta"

hey diary. wassup? n/m here. just kicking it. anyway...let
me tell you what's been going on in my life.

donald and i go out. we've been going out for...well,
there's actually no exact date. i'm guessing a month maybe.
the first time we went to the movies we saw "queen of the
damned." that movie was boring. that was the first time we
kissed. the second time we went to the movies was when we
saw "ice age." we kissed 3 times that time. then i kissed
him at school once when he walked me to the front. then, on
friday, we went to go see "jason x" but ended up
seeing "scorpion king" (my second time), and we kissed 3
times that time. the third time was from the ending of the
middle to the end of the movie...it was great =0)! then i
gave him a kiss when he left the movies. so, that's a total
of...8! man, when we were in the movies watching "scorpion
king" we were some horny muthafukaz! i put his hand on my
ass and was really getting into it...GREAT!!

i don't talk to nicole anymore. i think i mentioned that

well, on friday at the movies, t-val, kunta, and some of
their other friends were at the movies. clorisa and mandisa
didn't go into the movies, so when i walked out with
donald, they were talking w/ t-val and them. donald's
friend was getting on my nerve, so i went to go talk w/ t-
val and the homies. they were just clowning people. it was
COMEDY! we had so much fun!

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