My life
2002-04-29 23:33:03 (UTC)

I goT the Hook Up Holla if you hear me!!

hey things are so confusing right now!! ok yesterday brant
came over and we hooked up again and i dont understand why
we keep hooking up if he dosent like me..he acts like he
does but brants the kinda person that you cant read that
you dont understand, the kinda person that wont talk about
nething w/ you! he does things and then he prendends like they dont
happen..i wrote him this letter and i told him that i hated him and i
wont hate him nemore if he will learn to accept the fact that i am a
girl and i luv him and he will never have someone who loves him as
much as me and when he finally wants to give a chance that i deserve
then eh needs to come over and he read it yesterday and he came over
today!!!!i dont know what to do.. marissa n matt r going out i hope
matt comes over this wkend w/ brant!! i want to see him, gg luv ya