I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-29 21:57:22 (UTC)


My day has been going pretty well. Went with my sis to
look at her kitten, and he's very cute. He comes to stay
on Wednesday. The very hot boy experience, but I've been
aimless wandering about the 'net, and came across the
journal of someone who I thought was a friend of mine, I'm
not too sure now though. I think I talk too much. Okay, I
know I talk to much. But it's only 'cause I want people to
like me. I always had a hard time with the quiet people in
the room, who'd sit back and say nothing, staying out of
the way. I'm an outgoing person who can't stand having
people not like her. Well, anyway, the friend, or
something along those lines said something about how what
I was saying at a party last Christmas was all sorts of
stuff that he didn't want to know. *sigh* Makes me feel
sad. I just don't know. It's very frustrating. Granted,
his journal entry was from last December, and a loooong
time has passed, but I hold a grudge, I can't help it. I
have grudges against people who were in the 3rd grade. I
hate being the quiet one, and standing against the wall,
but is that what needs to be done? Am I overreacting? (i'm
good at that too) Hmmm