mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-29 21:30:37 (UTC)


well, wasnt much of a interview in Amherst today...
Interview was with the chief of police, and the asst. fire
chief. They asked me why I wanted to be a dispatcher in
Amherst & what i could bring them. then police chief told
me his rules...He dosent like to hire people that are
already trained dispatchers, cause he thinks it is harder
to train them to his ways..also explained bout havin to
work overnights, weekends, holidays , stuff I already know
& am very familiar with. Then, got to finally see their
comm center, boy was i shocked, nothing looked familiar, I
would definately need to be retrained from ground up..
they told me that they would get back to me by this time
next week, we will see what happens...
Lisa is still upset w/me...but i will never stop loving
her.. i dont like it when we arent talkin....

Lisa , I do love you.....