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2002-04-29 20:12:50 (UTC)

Pardon My Mind

So I'm not feeling good about what my best friend said about my life. What if she is right? What if it's true that
I'm underestimating myself. No shit! I'm depressed! :-o I have to tackle with 5 different people living inside
my head every month. My plans and values are always changing and it's extremely hard to get a firm grip of
what I'd like to do for the next half century of my life. I don't want to end up regretting the things I haven't
done that can be done but don't want to be done because I'm undone. You dig??? Sighhh... I wish I can be just
like her. She sees life in its simplicity without the delusions.

Abe Lincoln had schizophrenia. Einstein had ADD. Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath were bipolars. Edgar Allen Poll, and
Winston Churchill were depressives. All the philosophers have some kind of mental disorder! Now if it weren't
for their state of minds, would they still conceive the work they done? From my experience with it I do think
there is a correlation between mood and the effect it may have with creativity. (I know. Somebody already jot
this idea down long ago in a book) Would people put shame on the famous like the way they do to us for the
way they see the world? No!!! They would applaud them. Not us. What have we created? It only takes
recognition of some important work that will put pardon an abnormal state of mind.