ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-04-29 20:05:16 (UTC)

Comfortably Numb

hey i kno..lately i havent been updating on the everday
events so imma try and fill ya in on whats been goin
down...well lets see..my sister got grounded and was
forbidden to see her bf Decalf..so Thursday and Friday i
covered for her by telling my mom i was taking her and her
friend Sam out with me.well instead we went to Decalfs
apartment...it was pretty kewl..i didnt really kno anyone
and it felt weird hanging with me sis..i felt so pathethic
but hey i promised her id do it.well at least we got hi a
fucking lot...we smoked so many blunts those two days.well
Thursday the chronic we had ..well it had a bit of snow on
it.so im running around the apartment all hyper along with
everyone else.and of course Stoney was there and he sucked
up to me the whole time out of the odd admiration he has
for me...in whatever form it is. Thursday im sitting on the
couch and this guy named Cooper asks if he knows me..i say
no and he asked if i knew carl blank..i was like fuck yeah
i kno him and he said carl showed him a pic of me once and
thats how he knew my face.it made me happy...im starting to
really like carl..but im "jailbait" all of a sudden.i'll
never understand men..one minute hes falling in love with
me..the next im too young.grr i hate that shit.well
saturday was my ninja Aaron's b-day and we was all gonna
chill at D's in the burg.so i got him a cake that said
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUGGALO and i went over.he was really happy
i got him a cake..it meant alot to him i think.so we got
blazed and did sum freestyle..D is like the bomb at
that.and then we watched porn.it was pretty fun.well Andrew
clark likes me again..hes been stopping by alot.havent
heard from Burke either...i emailed him.
oh damnit carl just got online and then logged of..lil
bitch...his name online is Frostburg Joker..and mines
Harley Quinn...what a couple huh? were going together at
halloween .hehe.well krystal is gettin put on house arrest
and my mom wants her sent to a juvinile detention center
for girls.my sis doesnt seem to care,but what she doesnt
realize is how rough those places can be. i feel like i
failed as a big sister...i should of given better advice
and been a better role model.well today aftere my mom gets
off work we're goin out shopping and im gonna go look at
cars.im excited...oh shit i forgot...i got my learners
finally!!!!! hahaha yeah bitch! woot woot!

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