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2002-04-29 19:57:02 (UTC)

rideing in cars.. and trying to eat a malt shop

heh.. parents are dumb... they decided they decided that
they were gogin to bring me to interviewfor the job this
morning.. a friend was going to.. but they decided they
were.. so i asked them to call him and tell him that he
does not need to come adn get me from school..and that i
would then come home on the first bus.. well at about 12
they changed there minds and decided my friend could take
me.. but did not bother to tell me so i left right after
school... not on a bus becase i missed it.. but i got a
friend to give me a ride home..so i am ehre.. parker has no
idea where i am or if he needs to give me a ride. .and is
prorbably pretty annoyed.. heh.. yeah...
anywho.. on the car ride home. i ended up talking with paul
a bunch.. he is a good perosn.. me boyfrieds best frined..
but yeah.. i spoke to him for about 45 minutes.. he is
trying to help me mentally i guess.. i probably need it..
but yeah.. he knows about waht i am goign through pretty
well.. he is good aout listneing.. yeah.. i am not supposed
to take rides from anyone.. hten it was anyone but aprker..
heh.. that lasted long.. meh . . i care not. .here is litle
either parents can do at this point.. there is little they
can take form me and little they can do to hurt me.. its
great.. yeah..