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2001-05-31 23:39:06 (UTC)

my turn to waste ink

am pipe-smoker, a grandfather of sorts
an older brother... a kinky one, a stern one.
there for you? OR "there for you" for me?
an activisit... do i care? it seems not.
a musician? it seems not.
a connoseiur of music and activism?
the song ends, the rally goes home. i weep.
the gentle, steady weep of a man already come to terms with
his sadness but weeping for a solution.

who am i? my niche of what?
a boyfriend? -by CHOICE?
my CHOICE to be?
my CHOICE to avoid.

a recurring ?
a resounding ?
my neverending ???

"for a minute, i lost myself"

im counting. those blue eyes get deeper and deeper with
the wasted ink of those before me.