I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-29 17:57:40 (UTC)

hot boy alert!!!

So, I went to class to pick up my final exam (got an A by
the way) and then had to go pay for summer classes so I
went to the registrar's office. Well, the guy in front of
my in line who was also waiting to pay for class was from
my Humanities class as well. Well, let me tell you, I've
had a crush on him since day 1. He's tall, and tan, and
loves the outdoors and is sweet and all around very very
hot. Well, we walked out together, and were just chatting
generally. We were walking to his car, and he asked where
I was parked, and of course I was walking away from where
I had parked, and he said "you walked all the way out here
just to talk to me?" Of course I said, I was enjoying the
conversation. Well, then he offered me a ride to my car,
and he opened the door for me, and was just overall so
polite and sweet. I have no idea if he's single, or if
I'll ever see him again. I was too much of a chicken to
ask for his number. *sigh* I know, but I sorta know his
summer class schedule, so maybe I'll find him sometime. I
hope so. If it's meant to be, it will happen. I dunno. But
it made my day, and now I'm happy. I have to leave soon to
talk to the guy about the bartending job. Wish me luck.
Maybe you guys will get more later. Peace out (lol..so
fifth grade, I'm such a dork)


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