Wonderful World of William
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2002-04-29 17:57:09 (UTC)

A New Life

Well i've actualy done it. i got myself a diary. Many of
my friends, well i say many but i really mean my only
friend has a diary & he has been getting at me for awhile
to get a online diary so here i am. I really dont know
what to say so i guess for my first entry so just explain
alittle about myself. My real name is Willaim Bastardo but
most just call me "Billy" i really hope to meet some
friend on this online diary. My friend's name is Russle he
used to be my lover but now we are just best friends. i'm
so tired i've only just got home from work, I work at a
rubber factory in small heath making everything from
rubbers on the tops of pencils to top of the line condoms
for male & females. I have a large stock of condoms in my
second draw down on my cheat of draws but i have not used
any of them since 1997 i`m so inactive it's unture.Dont
get me wrong i dont see nothing wrong with not having sex
but i`m getting so flustrated i have not had full on sex
in over 5 years. I usualy get a blowjob every friday from
my bestfriend "Russle" but since he has met his boyfriend
is it very difficult for him to show me much effection. I
asked him last sunday night as we were curled up watching
our favourite show "Friends" if he would be so kind in
letting me go all the way with him just so i could get it
out of my system but he refused point black! I felt so
rejected. I love him as a very very dear friend & i do not
wish to put him in the situation where he feels like i'm
only seeing him for sex or the odd blowjob but as i
mentioned earler i'm very flustrated.I think one night of
wild passion with someone who i hold very dear to me would
be the soultion my depression & flustration.I better be
getting of here i have been online surfing male porn for
over 3 hours & my hand is getting rather sore not to
mention my penis! i shall continue this at a later date
when i`m not so sore & tired

Good night xx
God Bless

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