2001-05-31 23:34:01 (UTC)

what has changed?

making a space for her feet
wrought with metal and scars and my stare
my eyes to follow the path to her...
the path to my eyes

but efforts aren't so obvious
and clear paths arent so easy to decide upon

paths into the forest... when did i come out
when did i start losing count? that entrance that hormonal
event of anxiety and wonder
3 times this visit? or 4? just 2?
why don't i know.

but i know how many times the curled upper lip caught my
gaze mid-sway, mid-adjustment catching my attention in a
moment of inattention.

i'd make the trade-in in the bat of an eye-lash: 7-0.

so would i a year ago... is it different? or the same?
am i different? or just the same?

they both "skip." so do a lot of girls.