a watercolour stain
2002-04-29 17:38:38 (UTC)

monday afternoon

after the last entry, i cleaned the house. (i dusted and
everything!) R kept calling and being silly. teasing me
that he was coming over early. he called later and told me
that i wasn't home. i was confused. he explained that his
girl was mad and she thought a bunch of people were going
to be here. so he lied and said i was still out of town.
so, my stomach was terribly upset and i thought i was going
to throw up.

I. came home from work and R arrived a few minutes later.
they drank some beer. i decided what the hell and had a
beer too. they went outside and smoked and i stayed in the
house, curled in a ball in the chair and drinking my beer.
by my second beer, i felt wonderful. we were watching the
mummy returns. R was in the chair and i was on the couch
with I. i had four beers and was *drunk*. (it amazes me-
i can drink much hard liquor and be fine but a couple beers
and i'm gone. strange.) i kept poking I and teasing him.
telling him to come to the bedroom with me. he kept saying
no, it would be rude cause R was there. finally he said go
to the bedroom and wait for me. we had awesome sex. and i
let him come in me. which was just a terrible idea.
(*reminder to self- never have sex while drunk.) and i
didn't exactly keep quiet, so i felt a little bad cause R
could prolly hear everything. i guess he'll get over it.
(oh, R didn't sleep over. he decided to go home so he
wouldn't have to listen to A's bitching.)

we decided we were all going to see the scorpion king the
next day. me and I, and R and A. the movie started at 4.
i was busy getting ready and I was screwing aroung playing
on the computer. finally he was ready. in the car i
reached around to put something in the back seat. i saw
this little black bag. obviously not mine, i'd never seen
it before. i held it up and asked whose bag it was. he
got this really dumb look on his face and says what? isn't
it yours? i said no. then he tells me that he takes two
girls home from work all the time. he fucking pisses me
off so bad. grrr. anyways, the movie was awful and
predictable. lots of cute, half nekkid girls though. ;)
hee hee. well, i feel cruddy, so i'm gonna go. *sigh*
yet, another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

~V stardust