Thoughts to Share
2002-04-29 17:05:20 (UTC)

Weekend Festivities

I was just sitting here thinking that I had not the
slightest idea what I did on Friday night, but then...it
all came back to me. How could I forget? All I really
wanted was a taco salad. A taco salad. Was that really a
lot to ask for? Apparently it was. It took us 20 minutes
in the drive-thru line b/c apparently it was the night to
order an entire Mexican fiesta by way of the drive-thru.
How exactly do you order $26 worth of food from Taco Bell?
The tobacco-chewing rednecks in front of us managed to do
that though. I am not suprised. So 20 minutes later...and
after my roommate had eaten her entire dinner...I had my
taco salad.
But then....more fun to come. Upon returning to campus,
Heather met us in the hall with the news that our housing
assignment for this summer was not what we had been told it
would be. Instead of living in Day...which we had planned
on...we apparently will be living in the McKay house. So
we um....well...maybe we overreacted. The whole hall
probably knows where we are living now. So I asked someone
about the McKay house...and it might be alright. It is
across town....ha. But...Ashley and I will be living right
beside Heather and Meredith. So instead of walking down
the hall, we'll just walk across the bathroom. Speaking of
which, the bathroom supposedly has a full shower....imagine
having room to take a shower! And not feeling as if you're
in a cubicle!! Wow. So I think I'm somewhat excited about
it now.
I went home on Saturday afternoon. I took some things
home...and like 1/2 of my roommate's things. :-p So,
hopefully we'll have less to haul out on Friday. My
parents had gone with my brother to WCU for his audition
for a spot on the drum line in their marching band. He's
been accepted to WCU, WCU's school of music, and recieved
the teaching fellow's scholarship. So now, he's working
for a spot on their drum line. I think they've been
impressed with him. Lots of the faculty already knows who
he is. Just from being in college for 2 yrs I have seen
that having your name, face, whatever...being recognized is
a good thing. He thinks he might have earned a spot on
their tenor line...which is awesome. I think he enjoys
that more so than snare. Actually, there was a spot open
on the snare line, but I think that they might have created
a tenor spot for him. Either way...I hope he'll know
soon. If he does earn a spot, well either way...I hope to
be able to visit him sometime next year. :-) Western is a
pretty place, and with my brother there...it's gotta be 10
times cooler :-p
Anyways, so when I got home literally...the first thing I
did (after checking the mail, messages, and such) was
change the water in Sparkle's tank. It was absolutely
disgusting. And now...he has ick. So, hopefully I made
him happy...changed his water, gave him some Ick Away.
I'll bring him back for summer school.
Made good use of the quiet time at home by catching up on
the Real World episodes that I had missed. :-p Ha. Gave
up watching Trading Spaces to take a really relaxing bath
and then start studying some econ. (Which of course...all
the study notes I made...where are they now? At home of
course, right where I left them. Big grr...)