Steva's Life
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2002-04-29 17:02:15 (UTC)


Ok well jeff Had come to Ny and all yey yey we had a great
time and all till saturday night, We were out side the
place where daphne was performing, I said somthing
sarcasticly jeff didn't take it that way so he fliped out
and walked away, *I'm sorry jeff you not there for me to
talk to you about this so i'm just going to go right ahead
and write it* So i went across the street to a Video
store becuase i had to get DVD becuase i've been wanting
it for a long time so i go and i look and then i go out
and i cross the street to go in to the CD store across the
street and i go out and go down to the place and i go
inside and have a drink and then i saw him waiting out
side i figured that he'd go in side, so i waitied i
finished the drink then i went out side and by that time
he was over a couple of doors sitting down and looking up
set and he's like do you know why i'm upset and i was like
because i don't want to go tonight ad he's like no because
you're always sarcastic and bitchy and then there's the
thing about this daphne thing if you really didn't want to
go then we didn't have to, You could have told me you
didn't want to go then we could have done somthing eles,
and i was like well i didn't want to tell you becuase when
i told you about her performing you freeked out and you
were all excited and stuff so i didn't want to hurt you,
becuase i'm not the kind of person who likes to hurt
people. And if i do then i don't mean it. So he's like
do you want to go or do you want to go somewhere eles. I
was like its up to you, so he's like no i want you to
choose i was like well whatever will make you happy, And
he's like this is another thing, i don't want you to do
things becuase i want you to do them and becuase i want to
do them, Witch since its his trip i wanted to do what he
wanted to do since he's not htere all the time like i am.
So we ended up going in and sitting down and having a
drink "A real Drink" and i payed, and then we went inside
inside, and we had another drink and i payed again. We
had gone to dinner before, and I payed AGAIN, and i
payed for the show. So then we saw the show, we went to
pick up a friend of mine and we went up to my place and we
had a few drinks jeff had alot and was drunk and they were
all talking and i felt left out witch was fine becuase i
wouldn't have understude anything it was about school, So
i sat on the computer. And talked to some of my friends,
and then the people left around 2 or so. so Then jeff and
i were here and i had layed down and he did too and we
started talking about somthing and *i'm sure its out of
being drunk* in his own words that i'm not that great of a
friend and i don't do anything for him, yes over the last
many years i've spent easyly a million dollors on Shows,
Bus and train and Plaine Trips to NY, Paying for him to
eat lunch and dinner, Etc. So i got up and sat at the
computer and started to cry, I was talking to one of my
Dearist friends and she sat up all night with me wile i
cryed for at least 5 1/2 hours becuase i was so hurt
becuase i look back on all that stuff that i've done for
him and stuff. So then i get to sleep around 8:15 or so.
then i wake up around 9. and he gets up around 11. His
flight remind you was at 2, So he leaves at like 12 or
so. so then i was home for a wile then my mother and i
went out to see blossom Dearie witch was really good she's
a really old Night club singer :-D she's about 80 now :-P
So then We go see that and then go home and the door man
says that jeff is back, so we looked at eachother in
shock, so then we go up i go in my apt and mom in her,
so then i'm taking off my shoes and he says hi, i say hi,
and then go over and sit at the computer becuase i wanted
to listen to a CD i had gotten, so he's watching TV so i
put the music on low, And listen to it for like a few
mins, so we got home around 8:30 or so, then around 9:00
or so. he gets up grabs his stuff and goes somewhere, so
i havent herd from him since, i'm thinking that he took a
bus or got a really early flight this morning so or
somthing, So then i'm talking to a friend of mine this
morning out in cleveland and she's telling me that someone
eles i knew had her final today and jeff was her partner,
so i'm like freeking out aobut all this, Mind you that i
didn't sleep saturday night and then i didn't sleep sunday
night becuase i was freeking out about jeff. So The class
started at 11, She had gotten a call the night before
saying he'd be there, so we're all wondering if he was
going to just go right to the class or go to the room then
go to the class. Or what. Or he's in the air, or on the
bus. so we're all wondering, we're all freeking out in
worryness. So i don't know weather to worry or forget it
or cry or what. its so confusing, Another thing he siad
was that he had changed in the last 2 years witch i can
totally agree with because he has CHANGED ALOT! And its
really upseting because i remember the old Jeff and now
there's the new Jef and its not the same... so i don't
know what to do. Well i'm gonna go now. i don't know what
eles to say... i'm just to upset.
kisses and hugs

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