Sporty Tomboy

2002-04-29 16:55:10 (UTC)


I am bored!!!!!

Hmm.. this weekend I went to Canada with GENERALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Sean
and Tim and Kasie and it was fun. yes, well then the day after that I
went to syracuse.. grrr so much car time but it was fun and
my brother and my sister in law *hehe!* fed me greek health
food LOL it wasnt exactly the "best" food ive ever had...
paste, pile of vomit and a notebook dipped in honey... but
it was fun seeing em and stuff and i did get doritos and
mountain dew in the end ;) and then we walked all around
green lakes i miss SU!!! well i have to go the bells gunna
ring, I LOVE ALL MY PEOPLE! byesy *huggas wuggas* whered
that come from? anyways buhbye

****libbalicious licky libby is goneeeeeeeeeee