Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-04-29 16:38:05 (UTC)

...I came around to tear your little world apart...

Well, this weekend was a major bust. I did nothing and I
mean absolutely nothing. I think I spent a total of about
eight hours over the weekend on the phone talking to one of
my friends. That alone is enough to drive me insane. I
don't like talking on the phone for hours at a time. Toward
the end, she wa getting pissed cause I didn't have anything
to say. Shit, I was just trying to stay awake.

Let's see, what else. Well, not much is new. Went to the
Church again last night. Saw the chick who wore the latex
nun outfit last week. She was looking hot again, but
alais, I think she's got a boyfriend. Isn't that always
the way? There is this other chick that appears at the
Church a lot. She's really attractive, and dancing like
she's in serious pain, which is so fucking cool. I found
out her name and where she works, but on the downside, I
also found out she's waiting on some guy to get out prison,
where he's doing 30-40. I'm like "Forget him, get in the
here, get in the now."

The last part of last week was a major fuck at work. I was
coming in early and working late to try to get a marketing
project done, but I can't really bitch about it, because
Friday my boss took me to lunch after it was done. Now,
I'm trying to play catch up on all this other work I needed
to have done, and I really don't even want to look at any
of it.

Well, I'm about to be dragged to a office baby shower for
four, yeah four, new ones coming this summer. For some
reason, the Addam's Family comes to mind: "Don't torture
yourself Gomez, that's my job."

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