The Humor in Drama
2002-04-29 16:35:51 (UTC)

Life is awesome

I'm coming from a large drop in self-esteem and all around
attitude towards life-- so natuarally I was rebounded to
loving life again, more than ever. What I want to do now
is examine what makes me drop back into the depths of my
depression, and at what points do I decide to love life
and then directly following it, hate life.

I live this interesting spiral that keeps increasing in
size as it moves forward. I want to see what gets me from
love to hate. Where is the line?

And boom...what comes next has just been answered.

And thus- here is what comes next to be answered:

What stimulus do I hate that throws me into an attitude
where I wish to be closed to the world?

If I answer this question- I will find the next steps.