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2002-04-29 16:08:41 (UTC)

So yestereday I took Logan to..

So yestereday I took Logan to CP and helped him move
in and everything. I got to see how everything works and
such. It was really cool not I just cant wait for my turn. Im
going back up there on wednesday and I get to meet
some more of the chat room people so that's exciting.
I"ve been in a pretty good mood lately. Imean yeah every
now and then I get a little sad when I see a couple
together being all cute and stuff but some day it will be
my turn. I have plenty of time to find somone out there
and I know that I just have to keep telling myself that.
Anyways....school is almost out!!! YAY maybe I should
go to class sometime to find out what to study for
finals... I dont want tobe here anymore..Ijust want
summer to start!! Thats all Im asking for is it really that
hard?? I've been talking to chuck alot lately... he wrote
me a song.. there's not words or anything it's just a
guitar solo called Serenity... he said he was looking at
my picture and felt serene.. How sweet is that????
That made me a pretty happy person. He really wants
me to go down there and I would love to but right now I
just dont have the time to go anywhere. I get to hang out
with Roberta and Heather before I leave for CP so Im
really excited about that. I haven't seen either of them in
like 3 months!!! IT's killing me not to see my best
friends. well I'll write later BYE